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Site Guide

This guide will tell you exactly what each page is on the site and how they work.

  • Home - Get updates about Taylor Swift or about the site. Find out what Taylor is releasing, what she's up to, etc. Find out what's been added to the site, news about Taylor, new songs, videos, performances, etc. All this can be found out on the the home/main site page. You can also find out what Taylor's latest single as it's playing on the home page.
  • My Reviews -  This is where I write reviews for Taylor's latest songs and videos.
  • A Word From Me - Currently only three pages on here. One is a copyright disclaimer for the site and the other is a full, a current history of Taylor Swift Music World and a welcome for members of the site.
  • About Taylor - A short biography about Taylor.
    • Discograpy - A full and correct discography of Taylor's releases.
  • Album Lyrics - This page will connect you to the hidden album lyrics on the site. All you do is click on the album you wanna go to and you'll get the lyrics to that specific album. Also album titles are under the pics. There is also a page for unreleased songs and the decoded hidden messages in Taylor's lyrics.
    • Lyrics Guide - a secondary page that is an alphabetized list of Taylor's songs from her albums or unreleased songs and clicking on the song name will take you directly to the song lyrics you want to find. All song links are of Taylor's songs, songs that are not included would be any song not performed by Taylor such as the songs that are on the soundtracks, though those lyrics are available as well.
    • Hidden Messages - This page has the decoded hidden messages from the album lyrics.
  • Watch Videos - This pages is pretty self explanatory. This page is where you can watch videos that revolve around Taylor, whether it be her music videos, performances, Taylor on a show or in the news, or parodies videos of her songs or fan made videos. Note that all proper credit is given to those who own them. This site does not encourage copyright infringement. No video is for sale, rent or profit. They are all used specifically for the purpose of entertainment and to gear towards things about Taylor. - DELETED PERMANENTLY!
  • Podcast  - There are downloads available but it's tricky you gotta figure it out on your own I can't really tell you how to do that. But pretty much it's just me singing to Karaokes of Taylor's songs or songs I kinda fiddled with to make them more person but they are as done or in  the style of Taylor. Members of the site can now add their own karaokes of them singing Taylor's songs. - DELETED PERMANENTLY!
  • Cool Taylor Stuff - This has a bunch of dropboxes where you can get some cool stuff that are fan made for this site by our own Joshua Hayden. There's the wallpaper page where you can go and get great wallpaper to add to your computer's background. And screensavers for your computer. These are free downloads. There are also comments for social networks, wish your friends a Happy Day or week or weekend, and Holidays with Taylor Swift comments. There is a pumpkin carving pattern where you can carve Taylor into your pumpkin!
    • Wallpaper - Here are some fan made wallpapers that our site has.
    • Comments - Here our fan made comments, there are days of the week, have a good day, holidays, and a bunch of profile comments.
    • Screensavers - There are two types of fan made screensavers, ones with sound and ones without sound.
    • Cool downloads - The only thing we have on this page as of right now is the pumpkin pattern given out by GAC.
  • Create T-cards - Here you can send your friends our personal fan made E-cards known as T-cards.
    • Pick-up T-cards - Enter Card Pick-up ID you receive in your email here and click "Go" to see your T-card.
  • Archives - This page is used to store site updates and news updates that are no longer on the Home page. If you check the page out you can see it goes all the way back to almost the beginning of Taylor Swift Music World the stuff from the very beginning of the site has been lost forever. Sorry about that.
  • Photos - Pretty much where you can look at pictures of Taylor's albums, EP CD's, magazine covers, etc. Some pics are scans of my own personal Taylor Swift collection.
  • Swifties - Fans of Taylor Swift and members of the site.
  • Contact Me- Pretty much explains itself. You can send me a personal email to my specially made for this site e-mail address and I will try to address any concerns, questions, suggestions and other messages when I'm on there.
  • Request Form - Wanna make simple and anonymous request about what you'd like to see added to the site simple go to the page fill out the little white box and hit the submit button.
  • Links - This page'll give you links to Taylor's official pages, and mine and other peoples fan sites.
  • Events - This is a calender featuring events and more.
Well that's pretty much it. I do want to add that I can only do so much at a time and I would really appreciate kindness and patience, I do have a life outside this site, friends, family, a lover. I gotta eat. I gotta live my life too just like everyone else so please try to be patient and I will try to get too request and e-mails when I can. Thank you and please be sure to enjoy the site.